EGO hair care

EGO hair extension is completely Raw Virgin hair; first things first, our hair has ‘NOT’ been chemically processed in order to achieve its natural colour. Please note that mild/strong doses of peroxide can cause long term and irreversible damage to your hair leaving your extensions very dry and bristle, which can lead to the build up of split ends and the life expectancy to be shortened.


In order to preserve and prolong the original state of your extensions we advice our clients to look after their hair the same way they would if it was growing from the scale! We would recommend regular shampooing and conditioning once a week or at at least twice a month. To minimise shedding and tangling, tenderly comb your beautiful extensions from rear to rear, starting from the bottom and gradually working your way up towards your roots.

Heat Styling and Appliances:

There are many different ways to alter and transform your look! Why stick to one style? Our recommended salons would recommend using heating appliances which are designed with Ceramic coated plates in order to maintain the natural Keratin layer of the hair whilst also providing a perfect finish. Remember what we said about treating the hair like it's yours?  Always remember to use a heat protector when placing heat on your extensions no matter how low the heat. 

No Heat styling and equipment:

Some people prefer not to use any heat appliances, which is perfectly normal. If this is the case for you, we would strongly recommend using Flexy rods/Bendy rollers in order to style your hair. This can be done prior your daily/evening arrangements or kept in over night.


We believe it is essential that you wash your hair locks at least once a week or twice a month using quality shampoo brands. You'll be surprised to find how using the wrong shampoo & conditioner can really effect the quality of your hair. 

Shampoo Application:

Comb your EGO hair from rear to rear using a wide toothcomb, starting from the bottom and gradually working your way up towards your roots.
Part your hair in two
Wet your hair slightly
Apply shampoo from the bottom working your way up to the roots
Towel-dry slightly for conditioning application
Conditioner Application:

Insure your hair is not completely dry and still parted into two
Apply Conditioner from the bottom working your way up to the roots whilst gently combing the hair.
Leave in product for 20-45minutes (1Hour -2Hours if deep conditioning)
Combine both pattern as one
Allow hair to towel dry and/or air dry
To add some finishing touches, we would strongly suggest that an adequate amount of hair serum is added onto your hair whilst in processes of completely drying in order to give your hair life, add that brand new shine, a health feel and look.


EGO hair advice: 

Try and braid your hair at night just before Bed Time this can help to keep your natural waves/ curls.
Try and get a hold of a satin scarf and ‘Wrap’ your hair at night as this will preserve your hair, keep the correct moisture as well as take off the excess. Wrapping your hair will help to minimise night time shedding which is caused by the friction of your head and the pillow.